MusicWizard - Parallax - Loader [SID Remake]

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First of all it is not a remix it is a remake and please know the difference before you add a comment that not fits the tune.

Second i can explain for you that don't know the difference between a remake and a remix.

Remake = A reproduction of a tune with a new maybe modern tang for example: synth-strings, drums or some nice brass. but the real deal is to keep the old feeling from the original.

Remix = A totally recreation of the original with some tones that make you remember the original from it when you hear it.

And finally, Thanks for all votes and comments this far, and for them that shall come in advance, but please remember, do not vote if your not familiar with the tune or know how the original sounds like, because i don't want any misjudged votes.

- MusicWizard
A bit to oldschool for my taste. Sounds like a module somehow....
Uninspiring arrangement, simple and dry instruments, not a very exciting remix.
I've been listening to this tune now for 15 years, and I never get tired of it :-) A very good remake you've done, a bit too simple but very enjoyable and true to the orignal.
As a remake it does what it sets out to do. The lead is a little bit loud though. It cuts through the arrangement a bit too much.
Starts very promising, but wrong notes at missing pitch-bends destroy this one. Please listen to the SID!

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