Mutherpluckin' B - Crying in the Delta Wind

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Excellent guitar playing, and nice effects on the guitars as well. I find that the whole range of instrument are not as inspired as the lead guitars, but it's still very good. Nice organs/keys as well.
I find this raw and obscure, yet very pleasent - nice guitars!!! Sorta home cooking style if you get what I mean - comforting
Strong 60's vibe here that I can dig, right down to the flimsy drums which actually work in this context. Good work.
Who knew I would still hear a fresh new Delta remix in 2014? Wonderful, wonderful work, has a great 70s vibe to it. Superbly performed..
Play it dirty!! Raw and rocking 60's vibe (Steppenwolf, Hendrix, Stones), sounds like something from Woodstock. Wonderfully done, I love it!
Mary may be crying but I'm not, superb stuff
MP'B is back and with such a tasty rendition. There is nothing not to like here. Awesome work and one of the best remixes of the recent times IMO.
Torn between a red and an orange..... But it has an amazing retro 60-70s feel and the freestyling at the end is fantastic
I love this one!
Really nice! Maybe the mix emphasizes the guitar a bit too much so it's not in best balance. I agree with Mordi. Still very enjoyable..
Very rolling track, it has a special (and very good) "let's go" feeling. But the drums or the drum mixing?? Is awful. That's why it's not 100%.
Yikes! Annoying lead guitar!
Spank that Strat!
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Awesome cover. Raw with a live feeling to it. Little mistakes here and there but it doesn't matter.