Mutherpluckin' B - Sanxion (Unsanxioned Soloing)

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Original composed by:
Rob Hubbard
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Nice guitar idea and work here I think. But all in all it sounds a little bit "boring". Needs more pep!:)
Cool :)
Sound quality isn't fantastic and the whole thing feels a little unpolished, but on the other hand, it's got a funky pimpin' feel. The soloing is awesome too.
One of if not the best sids and most remixed - yet this is unpolished, raw and yet has one thing ITS F'ING Different and not boring!!! Awesome - wish you could clean up some off the bits but I LOVE IT!!!!!
Sanxion has been mixed to death, but this funky mix comes straight in at #1 in the Sanxion League!
Very nice, funky one :)
It is dirty and has '70s feel. I like songs that are dirty and have '70s feel :)
I really like the vintage seventies funk treatment. The lead guitar playing the main melody sounds too 'lumpy' to me, it doesn't have a nice flow. But otherwise, it's very groovy and the improv is great.
Nice that someone tries something with "real instruments" at all! But I find it unlistenable.
Good, good, good and good! Oh yeah, did I say good?
Sh-t... This is TEH Good Stuph! I really love this funky remake! Man, this is inspiration and creativity!! Wow, keep em coming in this cool funky style! More of it!
This is what I have waited for! Best supercool remix of Sanxion I've heard to this date - lots of fantasy and creativity - that's the way!!
I usually don't like guitars in chiptune remixes and while this one does a good job it still cannot replace a synth...
Good job! I like it ;)
Good guitars!

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