NecroPolo - Parallax (SIDized demo remix)

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This tune is the second demo track that I created for Strayworx / Vincenzo's awesome SIDized preset pack that he made for C64 VSTi SIDizer. Except for the drums, all the sounds are from the preset pack using one synth, unchanged. If you want a SID VSTi that captures the power of out favourite old 8-bit beast, it is for you. Beyond some old-school grittyness, it is fully capable of producing contemporary EDM sounds, too. Check this out:


SIDized by Strayworx


If you like it you can check out its elder brother Desolator that was released earlier this year:


NecroPolo - Desolator (SIDized Preset Pack Demo)


About the tune itself it is a very minimalistic rendition that uses just a couple of elements (originally 2 notes but one was later altered so it's 1,5 notes to be correct) of Galway's timeless tune and the rest is re-built from the scratch. As it's a synth demo it was created as a showcase of sounds, you can find no complicated stuff here. I guess, it fits the 'take a SID and do something with it' principle 😊


It was released @ ÁROK Party 2014 and reached #2 on the SID remix compo (thanks for the votes mates) where my friend Chabee's awesome TRAZ! remix won. Check that one out too, it is a superb track!


Chabee- TRAZ! (ditch edition)

Very unique take on Parallax, with some dubstep sounds mixed in. This is probably one of those that will grow on me.
Not my cup of tea, sorry. Without the great melody line from the original this gets quite monotonous for my taste. Competently done otherwise.
Like the sounds, but as Jojje70 said, without the actual Parallax 'tune', the cover is kinda generalized dubstep with the Parallax name... As a song though, it still gets my vote.... Nice!
I like the overall mix, but... There's not enough Parallax in there to call it Parallax.
Pretty cool, well made just a bit different. Would prefer something sounding a little closer to the original.
Well done dude! Great cover and great sidized demo zak!
A decent track but it has I can very barely hear any resemblence to its original. Nice overall vibe, though..

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