nightwolf - Turrican 2 - Level 1

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nightwolf Remixer
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D'oh!!! - Apekattsex is right! - "Nightwolf.. Your bass line is screwed up mid-tune - redo the bass line and resubmit tune!!! " - That will teach me not to use my studio monitors before shouting!
We await your next try, Nightwolf
I'm awaiting next version... Otherwise it's very unzy!
Yup, the bass thing sucks but the rest makes up for it! Do what I did, folks... Use a wav edit program, cut the middle part out and enjoy the rest of the remix, which is fantastic! Nightwolf, repair the middle part and I promise you a red smiley!
Change the Pitch Bend value in the middle!
I love digital delay!! Great is'nt it? Awww....
I was suprised just a grey smiley this track has some harmoy flaws later but the main thing is GREAT!!! .. Thanks alot!!
This is one of the best Remixes of Desert Rocks in my opinion. Well the Bassline at 1:47 could be better. But the rest is outstanding.
It`s definitly no shit. It´s a good track that needs some overwork.:-)
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I only partly agree with Apekattsex - In my opinion this remix has a LOT of potential BUT very sadly Nightwolf has somehow screwed up the bass line big time in the break-down section (around 1:53 to 2:40). The overall instrumentation and mix in my view ideal for this particular part of the Turrican II suite which was always high energy. Good mix & recording. I really think its worth redoing the bass line and resubmitting this mix. Nice Arpeggios too...