Airscape Ride (Pete's Kickback Remix)

Track info
Arranged by:
Peter W Veteran
Composed by:
Arman Behdad (Snickers)
All-Time charts position:
A trancy version of imo a brilliant SiD! 
Great track! That instrument starting at 2:40 got me thinging of just a yellow one, but after a while it just fits together perfectly!
Just nice
Criminally under-rated at the moment, it steadily grows on you with each listen...
Totally agree with prowler and Mayhem. I was somewhat uninspired at first (that 2:40-instrument), but after listening it for few times I like it more and more :)
Excellent track.
Very good euro trance remix
Trance ftw!=)
Well... You don't even have to like trance to like this powerful track...
I've said earlier - "Good. Kick & bassline are not "one". Bassline is too "digital" "
It develops long but it is worth waiting pure pleasure to listen
I love this track.
Brilliant SID. Brilliant remix!
Absolutely awesome. I love every bit of it. This has been my favourite for two years. I also find it amazing how it fits the initial dog fight scenes of Macross Zero almost perfectly.
Not familiar with the SID but this track is superb in its own right.
Good try but not excellent
Not a fan of that lead instrument.

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