Peter W - Wizball (Caribbean Remix)

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Arranged by:
Peter W Veteran
Original SID:
Original composed by:
Martin Galway
All-Time charts position:
Hello everyone one!! My last remix of the year is the wizball highscore song in a rather different style. The title kind of gives it away. Thanks for all your support and feedback in 2008, and happy new year to all of you!
Makes me want to play wizball on the beach while drinking rum, so thats a winning combo for me, excellent.
Nice one :)
Wuahaha! So cheesy! Music you'd expect from a one-man-and-his-hammond-organ-band on a cruise ship. Hilarious! I like this shit. On my playlist for the next bad taste porn party, I pomise!
Nicely done :)
Very nicely done!
LOL... This is nice and jolly... Good mix....
The Lilt-Ladies could have done a better job while p****d on Malibu IT SUCKS
Normaly I like your mixes but this one is boring and I want to press the stop button ;)
I like it, but a bit too cheesy for me :-)
Ha-ha, total cheeze-fest Caribbean tourist cruise style, but at least it put a smile on my face. Mixing could use some polishing.
Good to listen to it while you play cards on a beach and... Make wishes ^^
Nice, but...
This is great, and nicley done
Maybe one of the worst wz remix I have heard.
I like the drums and the vocals, but the whole thing is annoyingly overcompressed! Sorry, cannot listen, hurts my ears.

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