Putzi - Double Density Commercial

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This is the best remix I've ever done, with the most work I ever had. Unfortunately, quality is not recognised when people get it for get free. It is so damned easy to click on an icon that results in a bad vote. Click, next one please.

Nicely done remix. The drum samples are not my favourites. But all in all it is a good one.
Pretty innovative approach. Although I think piano melody doesn't fit with the other sounds too well. Also that reverb on the bass sounds pretty weird...
Good one, me likes!!!
Nice version... @Arne: Drums are really not the best, I don't like the hihats!
I could do without the first 2 minutes of this remix - way too much high-end for my taste. The digital choir is also too whiny. I'm not impressed by the arrangement, either.
Where is the good INNOVATIVE and good OLD PUTZI-style!?? ! :-/ Bring it BACK please... I want a COOL NEW putzi remix again finally!!!!!! C'mon!!:-/
Good use of undersampled drums nice driving bass choirs not great but overall a good remix
Love the piano not too overwhelming. The twist into the electric part takes the song into another place which could be neat in video
The Piano and the Choir sound excellent.
Awesomato! :D
Very special 2 minute "intro". The drums are too strong in comparison to the rest of the remix. Anyway, I loved the original and this remix is also great.

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