Time (C-Mix)

Track info
Time (C-Mix)
Arranged by:
ReSidMod Remixer
Composed by:
Oxford Digital Enterprises (O.D.E.)
All-Time charts position:

Any time for this track? I hope you like it.



Ah, another "Time"-Remix ;-) While the drums are a little bit weak for my taste, the whole track works. The mix is a little bit "flat", so no "very good" in this case...
For some reason.. I bloody well love this. Its the whole feel of it just makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside
Your stereo handeling is uber. Nice smooth supersaw strings also. No friggin presets I hope ;)
Agree that the mastering could use a bit of work, but the track is all just joyful gliding through warm happy sunny spaces.
It's a good remix, but starting to feel quite like a blend of some of the other Time-remixes... Mastering is a bit weak as said, and the tune is not really evolving anywhere.
It is good remix almost very good, but in this track there are good moments and bad where you putted hard drums and bass that sounded like you didn't have idea what to do next, the different genre remixes could be more smoother
Time after time after time. Anyway, good one.:-)

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