Rune-Bertil's - Auf Wiedersehen Monty

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Fucking impressive - this is so prof!!!
Awesome!! The best so far!
Makes me grin like a mad bastard. All while doing a really awkward finger snapping dance.
Simply great
Auf wiedersehen is perfect for rune bertils swingin' style, the jazz improvisation is superb. Maxiumum respect!
My favorite one with your R-type remix! Respect!
I downloaded this from his homepage a couple of weeks ago, and it has become the most played song on my iPhone the last weeks!!! KING!!!
Awesome swinging remix! Absolutely great interpretation and quality.
Simply fantastic!
Wow! Fantastic!
A very good improv. Jazz, but not really the most catchy arrangement I've heard... (sorry to break the red faces)
Impressive instruments and innovative arrangement. A real pleasure for the ears and a magniificent tribute to the original composers.
Perfect stylistic choice for this SID tune! A stomping rhythm and well thought-out arrangement provide plenty of fun here. But somehow the instrumentation feels too plasticky, too artificial.
Absolutely AWESOME, dude!!! :-DDDD My deepest respect here!
Pure quality! Love it.
Nice composition and astonishing attention to details.
I knew when I saw you made this, it'd be another awesome jazzy remix and I got just that. Love it!
Impeccable quality and sublime mixing very very good remix.. Almost Danny Elfman in places wow
Obviously, much effort gone into this. I like the idea but I just can't remove a growing, strong plastic taste of this fun cake. Kudos for taking the challenge to cover one of the best SIDs in existence.
This is James Last in disguise.., only joking its Rob Hubbard using a different name!!!!, Seriously Rune-Bertil' is a breath of fresh air.. And this track is just FANTASTIC, we want more please!!!!!
This reminds me so much of a Dick Barton, sorta action here detective theme tune version of a so so sid - this is Stunning. Awesome work!!!!-
Two thumbs up!
Saxy, fresh and vital. Very cool!
What prowler said.
Well, this is the best yellow Smilie u can ever imagine; `cause I hate Jazz X) good Track - something entirely different.
Casino-Movie Music!
Usually I don't like this kind of music, but I like this kind of music combined with a great nostalgic tune, especially if it is executed as professional as you did! Thumbs up!
Remix of the Year? Just highlights how amazing the original tune was.
There are parts of the original that easily lend themselves to this style. The challenge lies in the other parts and there it fails for me. Now, enough with the swing already.
Not too keen on this mix, just seems like something is missing
Really awesome remix. Love the piano, and the percussion work is much more interesting than previous tracks too. Amazing Job :)
Sorry, good swing and orchestral.. But the real meaning of this Monty song is lost.. Sorry...
Absolutely outstanding! Enough said. The part from 3:56: I just can't stop listening to it!!
Yes, it swings! Great Job!
Absolutely Top Notch. Pretty f*cking flattered here. Lovely touch adding the original at the end, btw.
I dislike how every song of Rune-Bertil's sound exactely the same :( It's like put in random SID here, output is somehow always the same. Too long too (as this comment) Sorry for all the hate but that's just my opinion.
Fantastic rendition, I never thought bigband would work, but it does. Only shame about the lats few seconds,

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