SIDrip Alliance - Navy Moves

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Jeroen Tel / Maniacs of Noise
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Chabee: I started remixing this fantastic SID with no planned cooperation at first but as far as I can remember when I showed the first version to my fellow NecroPolo, he came out with nice ideas and recorded guitar and drum tracks in 3 days or so. Even this raw version was pretty much to my liking. Our originally planned first cooperation remix became postponed so we started this project instead. I really enjoyed working on it and the way of process of this track and I'm really glad to work with such fine musicians like Hermit nad NecroPolo. I hope you will enjoy this rendition.


NecroPolo: I really enjoyed remixes done by Chabee, Hermit and Vincenzo and as it turned out we live in the same country. We got in contact (Hermit and Vincenzo: AROK#11 party, Chabee: e-mail) and despite the pretty different styles we had lots of similar thoughts about music so it was just a matter of time to start thinking about some cooperation. With Hermit we talked about his plans of a SID tribute project band somewhere last summer, Chabee had this awesome track - so, here we go

About this actual track: approx. one month ago I got Chabee's already powerful 1st version. I listened to it many times in a row, heavily stomping. Usually, he produces really elegant remixes (that I love as well) but this one was hard as nails instead, so it was easy to get inspiration to add subtle things to that. Tracks were received and mixed, ideas were exchanged, I added funky rhythm guitars, Hermit recorded a hot bass track upon the already hot synth bass. Finally, it became the first release of SIDrip Alliance. There are more to come...

Hey fellows Chabee and Hermit, really sorry for the delays!

Bouncy, fun, huge big fat bass, well produced, well polished and groovalistic
Loves the energy in this one ;)
Fantastic remix, never lets up but doesn't overload either.
Very well produced. A bit weird, I think. Has a lot of energy!
Your really feel energy in this tunes, and a rich instrumentation.
Sometimes a bit weird, but I liked it!! Very various sounds and style
I like the strong acid sound and even the lead is OK for me, especially after 2:10 (then it really stands out from the rest)
Well, it's marvellous.
This simply rocks! Not outstanding though because I find the original lacking that typical Jeroen Tel signature a bit. Apart from the baseline that is...
Not my cup of tea!
Great Stuff
Review by LaLa


Artistic skill

Nostalgia factor

Overall rating

Whoa, quite a tour de force! Great job, guys, great job! However, allow me to provide some critique of this great remix.

First of all, whether due to mixing or arrangement, the remix sounds a bit too chaotic. Yes, Navy Moves demands a powerful remix like this, but this may be just a wee bit too much of a good thing. Sounds like everything was mixed in on the same level and thus, there's no separation of the tracks.

Second, that lead kicking in at 1:14 is rather weak. C'mon, a tune like this needs powerful electric guitars for lead, not a wah-wah filtered synth! Either that, or mix it in more to the front and add some more effects to it to make it stand out from the near-chaotic drums and bass.

Third, I know that Navy Moves is looping tune, but the ending of this remix leaves me unsatisfied. If you're interested, drop me an email and I'll tell you what kind of ending do I imagine for this SID.

All in all, definitely the best Navy Moves remix to date, but I'm still awaiting for the ultimate one.