Slow Poison - Zoids (Prototype Mix)

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Way back in the mists of time (early 2000 I believe), Boz came round to help out on a track for the first time. The track we were working on was Zoids, for this new fangled album called Back in Time 3. At that point the Supernova had just had an OS upgrade and all these cool performances had appeared with nice stompy bass and drum things doing on. Also, I'd just got the JP8080. So with all these things, we created a big stompy cover with lots of stuff going on. Unfortunately the volume settings were too big (we hadn't reduced all the gains in the tracks to avoid distortion), so Cakewalk was soft limiting like mad, producing the immense sound you hear. We never planned to stop here: there are some distinct annoyances in the cover, for instance the lack of Tom Toms and the irritatingly harsh lead sounds in places. But when we came back to this piece (Saved as a Cakewalk bundle), Cakewalk wouldn't read it back. So all we had was the unfinished MP3! Boohoo!!

So we built another track on top of this unfinished piece to add the Toms (the piece got an orchestral intro at this time as well), and called it V2. This one can be heard on the BIT 3 CD-ROM. Eventually this track disappeared completely as it got more and more orchestral.
Sooo cool :-)
There are better Zoids/Ancestors remixes, but this one is very very good as well! Added to my collection.
Great!! Never played the game much, back in these days, but the SID and this Remix are great.

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