Space Infaders - Last Ninja II-Central Park (Space Infaders Remix)

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Although Space Infaders obviously has some great skills I would love to see some more creativity here
Nothing original here, this track has been remixed often, and also in this style, but it is certainly well put together
Nice little refresh of a great tune.
A good Ninja Remix.
A nice mix, but wrong notes in a very well known part let it down
Although it has its shortcomings I enjoyed this!
Very good Last Ninja Remix to bang your head to!;)
Review by LaLa


Artistic skill

Nostalgia factor

Overall rating

The positives:

- Doesn't mess much with the original arrangement while at the same time it adds its own unique touches. Nicely done!

- The powerful guitars really drive this tune. Great, great stuff.

The negatives:

- The relatively thin synthesizer (SID?) lead sounds. They make the remix sound thinner than it should be. Make them fatter (like the deep pad in the intro), and/or switch them to rhythm guitars.

- Too many wrong notes in the bridge section between 3:22-4:08, they just really bother my ears.

- It may be just my headphones, but the mix sounds a bit overcompressed to me.

Overall, the stylistic choice may not be anything new or creative as far as long-time RKO listeners like me are concerned, but it's executed pretty well.