Tokafondo - Wizball - I'm Not Freddie Mercury Mix

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Hi all.


I have had this idea of remix of the tune for years, and not being able to locate someone to sing it, I decided to do it myself.


I know my singing is bad, but I had a lot of fun doing it.


Anyway, the people around me, they like the concept, and the more they listen it to, the more they forgive the bad singing and enjoy the mood of the tune.


I also do it.



Plus points for the concept, a huge minus for the implementation. I'm sorry to say, but not only you are definitely not Freddie Mercury, your voice can't even be mentioned on the same planet with him...
I gotta admit I like it: it's ironacally interesting. Of course we should not mention Freddie, but... Maybe Roger Waters in the late 60s.:)
The one time autotune might have improved the rating. A nice idea ruined by poor execution and no vocal talent.
People usually lack imagination! This is what Autotune was made for... To bring a bad voice to life! I can imagine this as an intro for a B class Western movie or an A class Horror movie. Kitos!
Ok, so the singing is really BAD, we all know that. But it´s a nice and unique idea, and the bad singing actually makes it humorous and fun to listen to. So kudos for the courage to make this remix, despite knowing your own limitations.
MAKE-IT-STOP Is there a way to cast a petition for definitive removal
Original and psychedelic
This really needs a vocoder to make the voice in tune.

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