Vincenzo - Creatures Faaast Remix

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Arranged by:
Vincenzo Veteran
Original SID:
Original composed by:
Steve Rowlands
All-Time charts position:
Well, i've been always in love with Steve Rowlands music. Especially Creatures and Mayhem.
As there was a SID remix competition at Arok Party 2009, i wanted to enter with a tune, but i simply hadn't have time to make something cool, and yeah, selecting a good remix-able tune from HVSC... it's almost impossible
Then i ran through my saved SID playlist and found Creatures! Meanwhile Gargaj gave me a pack of his newly released gabber/hardtrance stuff, and *pooof*, the idea came into my mind to remix Creatures 1/12 as a speedy-trancy-gabber-something. As i said before, my time was short (kids, don't try to work for a game developer company, seriously), so i had ~2-3 hours to make the remix.
Here is the result, a fast-but-distorted-here-and-there remix, from Hungary with love. Try to laugh while listenin' to it, as i laughed a lot while i created it!
Nice upbeat version of Creatures, and just the right length so it doesn't get repetitive. Nice!
For the 2-3 hours worth of work that went into this remix, I'd say it's f'ing brilliant! Well done.
Thankfully, not too long, but I can't vote much higher cos I really dont like this kind of music, sorry.
It's nicely put together, but it's just repetitive and boring. Needed to be a different Steve Rowlands tune to do this sort of mix on.
Funny tune, indeed! My #3 voted in the RMX compo as far as I can remember (but I had some confusion of the tune numbers, haha).
Great tune. Got me hopping around like a nutter!
That fat saw synth destroys everything.
For some reason I cant define, I like this speedy remix. Cool.

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