Vincenzo - InCompleeto

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I remember, when i was young i often loaded a game because the cracker guys used Compleeto in their intro.
After ~10-12 years i accidentally found this tune in a compilation, now with full credits so Atoo became my new hero immediately.
My plan was to use breakbeat drums in the remix, as it really screaming for that
As i played on my synth (Nord Electro FTW! ), tried various instruments like rhodes and hammond, the instrumentation just born quickly. Sadly, the overall sounding is not full, something is missing, i know that... but i can't find the missing instrument. That's why i added the second part with harder stuff, to make the remix more different and varied.
I hope you still enjoy it, and i have a plan! Thus, i'm not a cylon but i have a plan to make the second part as an individual remix. Because DNB is good for the soul!
This is ok but to me it sounds incompleeto or is that on purpose?
It may sound a bit incomplete, but it's still the best version of this track so far IMO.
The instruments could be better. I get a little midi-instrument-feel from them, but nevertheless, this version is still very cool. It could have lasted longer though.
Pretty cool. I like the drums!
WTF??? The song takes forever to take off (at 2:01), and then it's - just over! Could've been so wonderful if it was a little longer!
What I miss in this remix are strings. Will wait for that second part. Therefor good :)
Good stuff :) The jam track in the first 2 minutes or so is good, but the overkill part really rules! 2nd part full mix, please :) Awww it's a good plan to be a cylon, you can do Tricias and Lucys all day :D
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Hmm, well, not exactly the style I expected for this wacky SID, but it sorta works. Great intro, interesting Hammond lead, I kinda like the improvisational midpart jamming (where it steers away from the original), horribly abrupt change to edginess towards the end, way too abrupt ending, and that's what really brought down my rating for this remix.