Vincenzo - Watch my balls in action [The Real Take]

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Arranged by:
Vincenzo Veteran
Original SID:
Original composed by:
Laszlo Vincze (Vincenzo)
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Watch my balls in action aka. how-to-close-a-track-that-has-no-proper-ending-but-you-must-finish-it-before-deadline.

For some it might look funny or strange that I've remixed my own SID, however, it was quite an obvious move. This year's Arok Party invitation demo is a very nice effect show and I'm proud of its soundtrack. Then I ran out of time as usual but still wanted to enter the remix competition, so this remix has born. Nowadays I'm in love with SID Wizard (Hi Hermit!), it's one of the greatest tools ever on the C64 and the MIDI2SWZ converter helped to grow more hair instead of losing it.


Recipe for a SID and a remix:

- compose a track using your favorite DAW

- use 3 channels only, keep the C64 limitations in mind

- save your work in .mid format

- convert .mid to .swz

- copy the .swz to a .d64 image

- fire up your C64 (or VICE but the real hardware is highly recommended)

- run SID Wizard, load yourmusic.swz

- have fun with tweaking the track and designing instruments

- relax, have a beer

- fire up your favorite DAW again (in case you closed it)

- extend the 3 channels track with more instruments and stuff

- use a one-click-mastering-tool-to-make-your-track-awesome

- save to .wav, compress to .mp3

- enter the competition at Arok Party



Don't quite like that ending, but otherwise really nice tune
Definite MOD feeling throughout this energetic track. That's a stroke-inducing 'OMG, WTF happened to my music stream? ' ending - kinda funny, I think.:-)
Really great tune, c64 style was cool!
I simply love this track's arrangement and melody! The ending is the only thing what I cannot decide if I like or not, but doesn't matter, the melody takes it all!:)
The feeling of a fine demoscene party explained in 3 minutes. Awesome :)
That's some earcandy, Vincenzo!
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Artistic skill

Nostalgia factor

Overall rating

Fantastic C64 style samples, cool rythm, really enjoyable various music, maybe at the endsquence is a bit weird for me 😊