VoA Voxyd - Lightforce RMX

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VoA Voxyd Remixer
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Great! I love this speed in this remix nice arrangement
I like!
The cheesy loverboy vocals kill it for me, and that lead synth at 3 mins 27 is just horrific.
I like the techno-industrial thingy going on here, but I'm not exactly a fan of vocals in general. I'm just glad it's French and not accented English. Much worse is the clipping I experience. Maybe it's just me, but I don't think so.
Nice remix, I would like a non vocal version too.
Filter that synth a bit, remove the vocals and you'll have better remix.
This is Very Good, schön gemacht geil und Fetzig, sorry, I can only German
Great arrangement, I like this fast-paced techno treatment. Occasional clipping towards the end should be cleaned up.
Well, the vocals sucks and the trance sound is not exactly new. But this style is good at times, so a yellow face at least...
What condor says. Boy speech doesn't work for me. It's also full of nice (but working) trance chlicés that also don't work for me. There are much better Lightforce remixes out there.
One of the best remixes ever! Love it!
I tend to just loop this tune over and over these days, and consider it humongously GOOD, despite the fact that I'm French, and can't help feeling the voice/lyrics are just TOO CHEESY (but hey! It's part of the magic in the tune!!)
Quite powerful version. The voice is somewhat strange, hmm, a bit like necromancy perhaps. Ok, I don't speak French ;-)

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