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vurtX - Hysteria 3 (Listeria Free)

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Hysteria 3 (Listeria Free)
Arranged by:
vurtX Veteran
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Hi, this is one of my favourite Fred Gray SiDs, and the game itself was great too - As for the loading screen I'm not sure what's being done to our Hero but he's enjoying it!

the remix was done using Reason, mastered with Wavelab and T-racks.



If you want this in ultra high quality lossless FLAC 24bit 96khz audio, you can grab it here > www.megaupload.com/?d=ZHKZFTX0



its 84MB in size though, bigger than my old Amiga hard drive :S


Hysteria 3 (Listeria Free)
Good Job!
Very enjoyable!
The mix of instruments makes it a little "throaty" overall, but it's pretty cool stuff and keeps the spirit of the original SID.
Indeed very good and dynamic but all in all a bit too frisky and happy for an outstanding rating.
Great job!
Brief sequence with lack of progression (like the original), still nice work, I like it :)
Nice one. A faithful, energetic shout to the original.
Very fine stuff, man! Somehow it's not as full and dare as my fav from you (Short Circuit) but it's still a great work by any means. Fred Gray for President, BTW!
Not my cup of tea! But I like the piano chords in the background.
Nice work and the flac is nice bonus although a little smaller file would be still sufficient.:) 18.12.2014
Love it for the original tempo.
Review by Blackstar


Artistic skill

Nostalgia factor

Overall rating

Sounds great. Hard to say what could have been done better. Orinigal chorus could have been more highlighted - but great remix anyway