vurtX - Hysteria 3 (Listeria Free)

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Hysteria 3 (Listeria Free)
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Hi, this is one of my favourite Fred Gray SiDs, and the game itself was great too - As for the loading screen I'm not sure what's being done to our Hero but he's enjoying it!

the remix was done using Reason, mastered with Wavelab and T-racks.



If you want this in ultra high quality lossless FLAC 24bit 96khz audio, you can grab it here >



its 84MB in size though, bigger than my old Amiga hard drive :S


Hysteria 3 (Listeria Free)
Good Job!
Very enjoyable!
The mix of instruments makes it a little "throaty" overall, but it's pretty cool stuff and keeps the spirit of the original SID.
Indeed very good and dynamic but all in all a bit too frisky and happy for an outstanding rating.
Great job!
Brief sequence with lack of progression (like the original), still nice work, I like it :)
Nice one. A faithful, energetic shout to the original.
Very fine stuff, man! Somehow it's not as full and dare as my fav from you (Short Circuit) but it's still a great work by any means. Fred Gray for President, BTW!
Not my cup of tea! But I like the piano chords in the background.
Nice work and the flac is nice bonus although a little smaller file would be still sufficient.:) 18.12.2014

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