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My 2nd Echoing remix.

I re-edited the whole drums and added some new instrumens and effects.

Hope you like it - just easy-listening. ;)




Amiga Cracktro - World of Wonders - Echoing

Not a good remix at all. The original is much better. This has no feeling at all. Badly mixed and no balance in the soundpicture.
Messy arrangement, and some sounds used are not of a very high quality. I like the 80s sound though, that's spot on, but the mixing lacks.
OK... Interesting. I liked the original tune, but it was a little boring after a while. This version has increased the tempo and made it nice 'n 80s. Yeah, pretty darned good actually :)
I does work. Personally I like the feeling of the original more but I can see why other would like this remix.
Starts off quite interesting, but then it becomes a sort of a blur. Very 80:ish, but a bit too much everywhere that doesn't really fit at all points. Some good ideas, though.
I am familiar with the original tune, and this is a lovely piece of music.
I love the original tune so much that I like EVERY remix. Some nice tricks, but leaves some of the original mood behind...
Not bad at all, good idea with the up-tempo! Just a bit flat in the sound and lacks some more inspiration...
In short: very nice. I liked Dusty's first remix, but I like this one better. Easy listening indeed, thumbs up :)
Doesnt quite do the original justice.
Well done! Sounds very cool.^^

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