XxDUSTYxX - TURRICAN 2009 MetalMedley

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TURRICAN 2009 MetalMedley
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I've scarcely seen you in 2008 because of my new job, but it's high time to grab my guitar again and compose another remix.
As many of you I do have great respect for Chris Hülsbeck and I bow to his talent as musician.  A few weeks ago I came up with the idea to do an up-tempo remix including all my favorurite Turrican melodies - it's just a classic! Sure thing: I realized there are MANY Turrican-Remixes out there. Still! I tried to do something completely different. So weeks of working, building, enthusiasm and dispair passed...this time the drums kick more butt and I used 2 different amplifier-tops and cabinets for some earth-quaking rhythm-guitars.




edit: Check out my remastered Version on youtube, too: www.youtube.com/watch?v=IdOrXRTy6ms



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Chris Hülsbeck

TURRICAN 2009 MetalMedley
Yeah, some metal. Great task to bring all this different tracks together. Not the world's best remix ever, but I quite like it.
It may not be perfect, but this one definitely ROCKS!!!
Yay, this is hot stuff ;) Love it!!
Your best remix so far! It blew me away, man!
I'm sure it's good guitarplaying, but metal's never been my fav...
Not bad, drums are way too fast.. And the guitar doesnt have enough passion to truely express the awesomeness of Turrican. The whole dynamic has changed, the level 1 tune near the end sounds good but again... Too fast man.. Good job overall.
Can't stop listening to this one! Outstanding job! You've made my day, XxDUSTYxX!
Yeaaah!!! Metal to the people. Hopefully there will be one with real instruments some day... Not really perfect as a mix, but still gets my two thumbs up because of trying it a different way!
You should listen to all Last Ninja songs first! Music should be for relaxing! Metal is for dummies!
@cydonian: Last Ninja? You've posted for the wrong remix! Btw: Great effort and guitar-skills!
A very enjoyable remix and some great guitar work - I can imagine how much fun you must have had making this one!
Shades of machinae here, its good but production is a little meh, some of it doesnt seem to fit, guitar work is spot on though
Not to my taste, but great nonetheless.
WOOOW! Just for itself it's a hot headshaker. But compared with any other RMXs of the holy Chris' masterpieces I ever heard this one is the most MINDBLASTING one! I like it! Cool work, guys!
Yeah, this rocks. Very great Turrican Metal Mix
It's good, but it's not one of my favourites. Despite that, congrats!
Wow!!! What a great composition :-)
Very good track but for me it need some rework in the studio, cleaning or sharpening the sound, a great material that needs to be polished
I can't decide between good and very good. :p Impressive effort with the guitars, different tunes brought together really well, but definitely needs a studio session to improve the sound.
YESCH!!! Wimps and Posers leave the hall. XD
Great effort. I love it.
Oh my gosh! Really hard-rockin stuff and fantastic riffing! 3:38 to 4:23 is your best guitarpart ever!
I didn't think Turrican could be axed so tightly. Excellent guitars!
I like the guitar work and the melodies - but that Super Mario (? ) sound sample catapulted the serious atmosphere back to Nerd's Kindergarten.
Kudos! You've put a great deal of work into this remix!
That R O C K S!!!
Great metley! Just a bit more oomph and it would've been a red one.
Not my music...
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Hard-rockin stuff and fantastic riffing!