XxDUSTYxX - Tusker - 03 - Metal Tribute (2020 Rework)

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Tusker - 03 - Metal Tribute (2020 Rework)
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The short prehistory:
I loved playing Tusker, because of its dark and mysterious atmosphere and Matt Gray composed a superb soundtrack for this game in 1989. 

A few years ago I listened to Tusker (Into the Heart of Darkness Radio Edit) by K8-bit and I was really amazed! Kate was so kind to send me the source material of her Tusker Remix from 2011, so I was able to work in a cooperation with her in 2017.
This time, I revised the bass and guitar section, changed a few drumparts and remastered the whole track once again. 
Last but not least, I added 2 short vocal samples of my ol' pal Chucky! (He used to be the drummer and background vocalist of my former death metal band "Invoid" 😊

A huge thank you for those who have voted for me in the Árok Remix Competition! 


And now, enjoy the revisited version of my Tusker Metal Tribute to Matt Gray.


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Tusker - 03 - Metal Tribute (2020 Rework)
Yes. Just, yes!
Sounds great! Too bad there are too many drums in it otherwise it would be outstanding. Nevertheless nice!
Superb work, so much variety and just nails it completely. Top marks.
Double-Bassdrum remix-pioneer? ! Go go, socially distanced one-man moshpit!
Turn up the volume to 11! This will blast your head off your neck! At least in the first part, then it takes a surprising, but equally impressive turn to the serene. Well-balanced mixing, too, sounds really professional. Just a superb job overall.
As always, a fantastic remix. :) It sounds absolutely good, professional mixing overall. A lot of love went into this, thank you for sharing it with us!:)
This is awesome! Absolutely pro production!
What a belter and excellent use of the sid
Review by Waz


Artistic skill

Nostalgia factor

Overall rating

If the likes of Slayer or Obituary were to take on Tusker, this is pretty much how it would sound. Double bass drum for the absolute win.