XxDUSTYxX - Warhawk 2k9 Rework

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Warhawk 2k9 Rework
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XxDUSTYxX Veteran
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Warhawk was released in 1986 by Firebird software and Rob Hubbard did the soundtrack.
This time I composed an ambient track with some discreet drums.
Lean back and enjoy!😉


WARHAWK - german wikipedia
WARHAWK - english wikipedia

The arrangement is pretty good, but the instrumentation just kills it for me: it's cheezy and overused, and some of them just wash together (mixing problem with too much reverb?).
Chilled out and with some strange chords, it reminds me of Twin Peaks, nice job.
Can't say a lot about it, I find it average andnot too amazing either.
Nice arrangement. The parts 2:27 and 3:53 are awesome!
It has a similiar feel o2's version done in 2001 but this one is not as good some of the chords are a bit questionable. Good effort though.
Not bad at all, but I really miss the certain something. That alone would still warrant an orange, but as LaLa already pointed out: some of the instruments tend to blend together and create something indistinct...
Nicely done arrangement, that deserves orange face!
Very nice track. Not that clear mixing though...
Nice and laid-back, although it's a bit a 'middle of the road' and neutral for me. Feels like as if I have already heard this version. Did not rock my boat but it's alright.
The electro drums are nice. The choice of sounds has some Amiga MOD feel to it, which I don't like. It's an Ok remix altogether.
Jarreish feel in it, but some parts have too much reverb, perhaps it's done intentionaly, still, nice one.
Listen. Piano and ambiental chords will relax you!
I've always liked this. A mellow remix.18.12.2014.

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