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Erwin Beekveld
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November 2005
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Hello world,

Music. This is my creativity outlet. Along with photography it serves a purpose to great to describe. It delineates existence. It encompasses the meaning of life and enshrouds the essence of being. Our history, and your future. Our collective consciousness.
Can you believe the crap I'm typing right now?

Erwin Beekveld of Confessant
aka: Tron, Creekfield, Urf

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CU, world.
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 ReleasedTitleRemixed byDurationPlatformComposed byScore
09/03/2012IBounces (Glam Rock Hammond Galore Demo Tape)Tron3:00c64 SID remixes Remix.Kwed.Org
Fred Gray92% 
08/09/2010IRCybernoid II (Lime on 45 Remix)Tron4:25c64 SID remixes Remix.Kwed.Org
Jeroen Tel92% 
28/01/2009Hot Mommas (Agressive STD Remix)Tron2:36c64 SID remixes Remix.Kwed.Org
Kamil Wolnikowski87% 
08/04/2008ILoading Green Beret (Takes Too Fucking Long RMX)Tron3:34c64 SID remixes Remix.Kwed.Org
Martin Galway73% 
07/04/2008SanxionTron6:01remixes on CD Scene Albums
Rob Hubbard85% 
07/04/2008ArkanoidTron4:24remixes on CD Scene Albums
Martin Galway82% 
08/03/2007IArkanoid on RerunA0d+BST+Tron2:10c64 SID remixes Remix.Kwed.Org
Martin Galway61% 
31/10/2005RRambo Loader (Rambo's Blue Monday Mix)Tron4:47c64 SID remixes Remix.Kwed.Org
Martin Galway90% 
02/07/2004Aztec Challenge (run Cornholio run!)A0d+BST+Tron2:51c64 SID remixes Remix.Kwed.Org
Paul Norman65% 
03/01/2003IRCauldron II (the Pumpkin Rides again)A0d+BST+Tron5:26c64 SID remixes Remix.Kwed.Org
Richard Joseph80% 
10/12/2002IParallax subtune4 (Better than BIT mix :))A0d+BST+Tron4:04c64 SID remixes Remix.Kwed.Org
Martin Galway71% 
02/11/2002IParallax subtune 4 (Musica Parallektronico)A0d+BST+Tron3:36c64 SID remixes Remix.Kwed.Org
Martin Galway65% 
24/07/2002ISpellBound (ReasonRooftop Mix)A0d+BST+Tron7:10c64 SID remixes Remix.Kwed.Org
Rob Hubbard65% 
09/09/2001IStar Trooper (Reverent)A0d+BST+Tron2:06c64 SID remixes Remix.Kwed.Org
Clifford Ramshaw52% 
24/08/2001IBlasteroid (Funkadelik Harmonica)A0d+BST+Tron2:48c64 SID remixes Remix.Kwed.Org
Ben Daglish52% 
24/08/2001IMission Impossibubble (Groovy Black Ops.)A0d+BST+Tron2:35c64 SID remixes Remix.Kwed.Org
Neil Baldwin50% 
24/08/2001IKnucklebusters (Metalheads Stilee)A0d+BST+Tron4:25c64 SID remixes Remix.Kwed.Org
Rob Hubbard55% 
18/07/2001IDruid (Synthy-dubby mix)A0d+BST+Tron1:43c64 SID remixes Remix.Kwed.Org
David M. Hanlon61% 
18/11/2000Game OverErwin Beekveld5:02c64 SID remixes Remix.Kwed.Org
Martin Galway60%