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Jean-Michel Jarre to Remix Commodore-64 SID Tunes

For immediate release.

Internationally renowned iconic French electronic music producer Jean-Michel Jarre and the home of Commodore music remixes Remix64.com are proud to announce a new EP album featuring several remixes of 8-bit music originally made on the Commodore-64, a popular home computer of the 1980s, famed for its sound chip called SID or Sound Interface Device. All remixes on the album will be produced by Jarre himself, and the album will be made available on all major streaming platforms, and will also be available as a Commodore-64 music disk, in collaboration with Remix64.com.

I have always been fascinated by the sound of the Commodore 64, explained Jarre to Remix64.com. It has a certain analog warmth to it, similar to the pionieering synthesizers I have used on my various albums over the decades. Today those classic synths are revered the same way a Stradivarius is revered by violin players - highly desired for their special sounds, just like the SID chip inside the Commodore 64 computer.


As Jarre has expressed in prior interviews (for example, in The Journey to Equinoxe Infinity journey-to-equinoxe-infinity-part-2-losing-teeth-and-digging-in-trash-bins/ ) he was well aware that his compositions were used in Commodore-64 games, and even though they were not always used with his permission, he really adored them.


Several of my fans told me in the past that the first time they got introduced to my music was in these 8-bit games, so when Remix64.com has approached me with the idea for this project, I thought it would be a great way to show how much I appreciate my long-time fans by remixing a few tunes from that era. This year also marks the 20th anniversary of Remix64.com, as explained by the team behind the website: It is truly an honor to be able to work with a legendary artist like Jean-Michel Jarre, especially in a year which marks such a milestone in the remix scene. We hope that together with Jarre we'll be able to bring something truly special to the fans of SID music and SID remixes.


Jarre is no stranger to the world of remixing: several of his own concerts featured reworked versions of tracks from his own albums, and his most recent virtual concert titled Welcome to the Other Side featured a remix by Kosinski. Earlier this year, for the first time ever, Jarre has even remixed a tune of another artist, Deathpact ( www.youtube.com/watch?v=57ZSZBJhROg ).

Jarre and Remix64.com have announced the following track listing for their upcoming SID remix EP project (listing subject to change):


  • Music from the game Omega - Planete Invisible, (C) 1986 Infogrames.
  • Music from the game Bomb Jack, (C) 1986 Elite, music by Mark Cooksey (subtune #1).
  • Music from the game Son of Blagger, (C) 1984 Alligata, music by Anthony Crowther (subtune #2).
  • Music from the game Yie Ar Kung Fu, (C) 1985 Image, music by Martin Galway (subtune #19).
  • Music from the game Trollie Wallie, (C) 1983 Interceptor, music by Graham Hansford (subtune #2).
  • Music from the game Dead Zone, (C) 1987 The Power House, music by Gavin Raeburn.
  • Music from the game Kung Fu, (C) 1988 Hyperforce Crack, music by Markus Weber.
  • Music from the game Chain Reaction, (C) 1987 Kele Line, music by Rob Hubbard.

Previews of the remixes will be released on Remix64.com at a date to be announced later. The full EP album will be made available on all major streaming platforms, and - as a nod to the 8-bit era - also as a Commodore-64 music disk, featuring the remixes as SID tunes.

Contact information:

Aero Productions - jeanmicheljarre.com/contact
Remix64.com - www.remix64.com


01/04/2021 11:42
Such awesome, likely, and highly believable news! :D

Martin Dodd
01/04/2021 18:02
April fool! ????????

01/04/2021 19:19
It was only a matter of time....finally the man has seen sense ;)

02/04/2021 14:55
In case it wasn't obvious to some readers: this was an April Fools joke.

Also: all the game tunes listed in the "press release" are actually covers of Jarre's songs.

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