Sweet and Sour ( Funky much house mix )

Track info
Arranged by:
AcidBlock Remixer
Composed by:
Volker Meitz (PRI)
All-Time charts position:

Sidtune is just insane so it was very difficult trying to improve from the original. I rarely include traditional instruments in my remixes but the original tune just screamed for sunny house remix with trumpets and stuff. I don't think I've ever had this much fun remixing a chiptune.


Huge tribute to PRI for absolutely amazing piece of artwork.

Hope you enjoy this tune as much as I enjoyed remixing it!

Great energy, great upbeat tempo. The two things I don't quite like are the arpeggiated chords and the somewhat whiney lead from 0:51.
I think this mix focuses too much on the higher frequencies. It seems to have a hole in the mid-low range that could be filled with a pad or something to fill out the range! Otherwise a cool track. The lead is a bit weird. :p
Not bad, a good use of SID and some funny ideas.
Kind of a fresh take on an awesome PRI song.
Nice little energetic tune, fusioning demo stylings with a more commercial sound.. And for the most part it works very well.
Yeah - like this funky glittering thingy... Like to hear more! (may be a little bit less nasal trumpet :)

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