Last Ninja 2 - Central park metal remix

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Matt Gray
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Aki knows how to play a guitar and this version of Central Park rocks. Again with the quick fade out though which is a little "clunky", but that's just personal preference.
A nice rendition of the track, but the synth-section at 3:30 is completely on the wrong key which kind of ruins it a bit for me.
Just like a Ninja - it kicks ASS
The guitar is really outstanding, but I think the drums could be done better. Very nice mixing/mastering though. Well balanced overall.
I like it <3
Another great metal remake by Aki Järvinen. I like it - very good job!
Nice, open '80s guitar sounds, Mötley Crüe meets C64, smoking fretboard. The mid synth part is a mismatch here and there. Welcome to the scene :)
Superbly mixed, great guitar work. Drums are a bit wishy-washy, they need to be more crisp. The lead synth of the bridge from 3:30 on is horribly out-of-tune - cut it out, and you got a real winner.
This is awesome! Nice guitar sound.
Very good remake would love to jam with this accomplished playing and production who cares that the arrangement is all over this grabs the sid by the balls and shakes it... Awsome
Awesome metal remix, one of the best I've heard so far :D
There are far better mixes than this one. Metal shouldn't be mixed with C64, imo.

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