Future City

Track info
Arranged by:
Amok Veteran
Composed by:
Markus Müller (Superbrain)
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The usual high quality from Amok.
Very good! I like it!
Nice work! I like the big orchestral arrangment.
Superb, my Friend!:)
Great use of orchestral sounds mixed with guitars, very well done.
Great Tune, like the beginning very much
A departure from amok's usual style and it has a real nice feel to it, very "end of a film".. Nice work amok (y)
The soundscape is great. This is good, nice, fresh and keeps up to your signature, in a lovely way you've managed to capture the original "SID" feeling!
Very good instrumentation and athmo. Well done, Amok!
Weak beat for excellent arrangement.
This is really very great. I very like this song.
You certainly catch the atmosphere of the original sid - and that certainly counts in a positve way for me... Also an excellent original sid!
Well, I actually don´t know the original tune, but this sounds great!
Lovely tune Andreas! I have no idea why I didn't heard and loved it before!
How could I miss this excellent piece of music great great great :)
What is this? Orchestral? Rock? Synth? It tries to be a little of everything and ends up to be nothing at all.
I have to give this a red one. Not only because of its nostalgia, also because of its great technical outworking. And as contrasted with omoroca I like the mixture of the different samples.:)
Ahh not only Thomas Detert made something good out of this excelent track
Once again, Amok has outdone himself!
Review by Ernie76


Artistic skill

Nostalgia factor

Overall rating

I like it , even if i prefere more speedy sounds with a hard base. ( Maybe theres a chance for another Version ;P ).
All in all the usual good Amok Style.