R-Type (MiniMix)

Track info
Arranged by:
Amok Veteran
Composed by:
Chris Hülsbeck & Ramiro Vaca
All-Time charts position:

Made in about 4 hours. I think,  i should spend much more time on my next remix... ;)

Hmm, rather thin and uninspired remix, it sounds like something is lacking.
Nothing wrong with the instruments or overall quality, but the remix feels like I've heard it before.
A solid, straightforward remix of the original at a slower tempo, nicely mixed.
Quite alright, but a little monotonous.
Well, It's okay. It really has the same feel than the original regarding the instruments, alas it's a bit slower, so it lacks the action.
Its a little week, but thethertheless very well mimicked. :|, more speed, more oomph.!
Not bad, but a little too slow and a little too - mini!
It's what it says, minimix. Just missing a bit on the mixing to be at the top. But else it's a nice tune that is very faithful to the original.
C'mon... It's a nice remix! Some people have to bleat all time ;)
Mini(malistic) Mix says it all...
Minimalistix remix, sure :) A bit slow but good melody anyway
I love the bassline! But overall good work.

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