Andreas Wallström and NecroPolo - DMC demo IV 2 (Celtic Mission mix)

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Wow! The tune works really well with this music style. Sounds great!
Beast! :D
Wow! I mean... WOW! Fuckin' WOW!
Drums needs to come out some more imo, where is the lower freqspectrum?
\m/ [insert worthy comment I'm just not coming up with right now here]
Sweet track!
Head-bangingly powerful! Guitar-smashingly heavy duty! Rock on!
Holy crap! :) What a massive attack! :) As a kid I usually imagined SID songs like heavy rock pieces. So that's it! :) Masterpiece!
Awesome. Reminds me of Joe Satriani!!!!
BRING IT ON!!! *headbanging.... Although no really long hair!! ;-D* Working really _great_ this version for this great SID.
Great work guys! Rock!:)
Pure awesomeness!!!! One of the best remixes I have heard ;)
Until now (and the SIDrip) I wasn't a rock fun. BUT NOW I AM. This tune is awesome, rock on!!!
Wow, such a great sound and energy in this song. I really like this!
Great song and even greater timing... Released right before WACKEN
ACE!!! The drums and bass could be more prominent though :)
Just need to bring that bass end out more, to really feel the bass drum and bass guitars.
Loud! :-(
Really well done, but the drums seem underpowered and the leveling slightly squealy in places. Love the energy and pacing though.
Excellent work. I also agree the drums should be a bit louder, more crushy.
Awesome :o)
I often thought of remixing that SID by myself. But this rendition is hard to beat :-)
Horns up!!!
Ridiculous! If you cant feel this...
Yeah ROCK! The awesomeness! Can you guys make a remix of "Commando", just like this one?
Incredible guitars and great sound; not oversaturated or too compressed! Feels like Satriani, that I like a lot!
Now, thats music!:)
M/ awesome!
Flat and not my genre.
Good work boy.
Wow! I heard this and wondered if it was Steve Morse on the guitar. Made me happy!

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