Asterion (Rafal Kazimierski) - Barbarian (Anvil of Death)

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Not perfect, but very good nonetheless!
The Ultimate Warrior strikes back, hehe! Good one!
Very good. Not quite a Glyn R. Brown, but indeed very good.
Great arrangement. The instruments arent perfect, but the overall impression is outstanding...
Great, but it could have been more dynamic.
A very good remake of the Barbarian tune.
I want the game to be remade with this song as the title track ;)
Excellent remix and orchestration... This remix clearly indicates the the remixer has an intuitive idea of what Richard Joseph might have had in mind when he did the tune!
Good stuff m8. The intro sounded more like Anvil of Crom (Conan the barbarian) then the game theme but I think Richard Joseph was inspired by that theme.
Good remix of one of my favourite games! I had to turn my stereo up, because the remix is a bit faint.
A little dull, but I like it anyway. Brings back the Conan feeling!
Almost RASTAN-ish (Glyn R Brown comes to mind). Almost. But still good enough for a red.
This totally nails the orchestration: perfectly arranged, I especially like those biting brasses. The instruments themselves feel too unnatural and the mix is a bit too compressed, but otherwise two thumbs up!
Incredible. I could almost feel the cold steel piercing my skin.
It is very good one.
Great rendition of a tune in a complex time signature. A faster tempo would have been awesome.
Too much synth orchestra for my taste.
Good very good, a little bit of more power and strenght in this track and it would be better
I agree with KeysersozeH, I think that's what makes this perfect!
Reference to Basil Poledouris for Conan! (He will be back ;) )
Excellent! A definite inspiration from the Conan soundtrack, which is what Richard Josephs Barbarian was anyway.
Excellent. This is how Barbarian was meant to sound.
This tune is really good. Perhaps additional beats and sound effects would make it perfect. Only an acid style version could top it imo :D
Insert something suitably Conan about what is finest in life
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I'd say this was the best version of the Barbarian theme I've heard, possibly what Richard Joseph had in mind originally, his own take on the theme from Conan The Barbarian. The orchestration is well done and sticks pretty much note for note to the original, the horns give it a very epic feel. My only bugbear would be that some of the other instruments like the harp used are a little drowned out in the mix, which is unfortunate. I still thought it was outstanding though.