Chabee - Drudgery (Bad Bassist Demo)

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Arranged by:
Chabee Veteran
Original SID:
Original composed by:
Thomas Mogensen (DRAX)
All-Time charts position:

Bad Bassist Demo Song 
Released at Arok Party 2012

Chabee's mixings are getting better and better. I could use this one as a demo on my audiophil system.
One of my fav remixers doing my absolute fav DRAX tune - what can I say? So much about an objective ear :) The signature balanced yet rich soundscape comes as a welcome bonus.
Very nice, as usual. Terrific mixing! But I am not quite sold on the sound of the drums and the bass.
Quite like those drum sounds actually... A good remix of tune that I am not that fond of to be honest... Glad some people like it :)
I love the main lead, great work :D
Not familiar with the original, but this is solid.
Yeaahhh!!!! No more to say!! :-D
Good quality, the remix really stands out, however I am not sure about the lead from time to time :)
Reminds me of the late 90's amiga demo's, this is only a good thing and I think this needs to be set to something visual to really up its impact. Great little tune though. Falls shy of the red face because nostalgically I have no bloody idea ^^
Even though I cannot really relate to this remix, it would be unfair to give it anything worse than orange. Great job!
So uplifting!
Excellent piece, specialy the bass and background
Nicely done, but not my thing.

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