Chordian (X2010 Version)

Track info
Arranged by:
Chotaire Remixer
Composed by:
Jens-Christian Huus
All-Time charts position:
A nice blend of sounds in this remix which lends to a floating atmospheric tune to listen to in the background.
I keep coming back to this so it must be very good!
Hell, this is a cool piece of music, I love it!
It's kinda weird to hear atmospheric pads mixed with a grungy guitar, all on top of some bass line from the 80s. Sorry, this eclectic mix just doesn't work for me.
Well, it has its atmosphere :)
Like it!
Love the mix of different sound-styles! Great tune! (although there is some clipping)
Yeah! Sounds really cool and provides a great atmosphere!! Thanks for this cool remix here! :-D
Reminds me much of the Depeche Mode sound, I like it very much!
This tune does not do anything with me at all. Sorry!
Dunno the original, but that tune is in my Top 5 playlist of remixes. Uplifting, powerful, atmospheric....
One of my favorite remixes ever

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