Redmax Remastered

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David Whittaker
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Impressive for a "Made with my homemade synth software which have features approx. As a mid 80's synth. " effort (info on www. Dotleth. Dk), but only poor/average judged as a remix on its own.
Technically impressive (with the homemade software), but sonically less impressive. Though kudos for the retro-sound!
Good on a technical scale, not on a sonical one.
Remaster is maybe the right word. Nothing much more than the original sid.
Wow, oldskool :-) For me it's very funny :-))))
I like it, but it's way too short
In the C64 days when someone remixed someone elses song this is how it sounded. Great C64 is sounding Remaster!! Keep up the good work.
Original SID sounds in a mix sometimes work... This time they just seem out of place. A different lead sound could make all the difference.
Interesting! But the SID lead sound seems to be a little out of control sometimes. And the tune ends too soon. But I like it somehow!
Its the best Redmax mix out there (sorry o2! ) and its short and sweet just like the original SiD. Nice job.

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