cosmiq - Green Beret Cosmix

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Arranged by:
cosmiq Remixer
Original SID:
Original composed by:
Martin Galway
All-Time charts position:
Has a brilliant epic feel to it and captures the SID exceedingly well
Great synth sounds... I just love it... :D
Hmm, the arrangement feels eerily similar to Reyn's church version which makes me suspicious, but the instrument selection, mastering, etc are superb. Really, really enjoyable.
Allow me to congratulate you, on a most excellent remix. Above the norm.
I have to say it also does remind me of Reyn's version. Not a bad thing, but it is somewhat similar.
Brilliant. Nearly perfect. Chill-out as chill-out can be...
Great sound and athmosphere! Thumbs up, cosmiq!
Actually, this is a remix of my remix of Green Beret. Cosmiq asked me if he could post this remix on Hyves. He didn't even know it was a C64 remix. :-) I suggested him he should post it here too.. :-) (I love those drums at the end!)
DIG THIS!!!!! It sure is perfectly mastered and all Big fat RED from me! :D
@Reyn: Ah, I have to review my rating then. The reverb is still a bit over-the-top for me, but at least it's not stolen from you. +1 from yellow to orange.
The fact Reyn likes itmens red - this is an ibiza chill(i)out - its awesome
Superb production, nice remix of Reyns remix! But its missing the ending (my fave part of the SID)
Fantastic version of the tune. What more can you say!
Really great trip
Very good
Yep, this is clearly a remix of Reyn's remix. Superb, though!
Why would anyone want to remix someone else's remix? ! Beyond me. Especially because Reyn's remix still echoes in my ears. Originality will always rule my book.
Very nice work, a bit to clean/soft for me and I miss the power of the orginal sidtune...
Heh, I noticed Reyn Ouwehands work here, and had to check out the original then the comments. It's not much different, only a bit more synthish. Which makes it a tad less good than the original, but not as bad as feared. Still I preffer the "original".
An very good chill out track
Probably the best SID remix I have ever heard. Those drums are astounding, they can't be sequencced, right?
A flattering remix of Reyns amazing sunday-service remake.
Great one.
Similar feel to Reyn's version, but I think this remix has its own sound and brings something else to the table.
When you search for the string "Reyn" on this page, you get 12 hits, so I'm obviously not the only one who noticed the similarity. Great remix anyway! Added to my collection.
Mixed feelings (no pun intended) here about the similarity with Reyn's remix, but the piece of music is just great, so... Bollocks -> red face ^^
Althought with these drums and bass line it feel more like a remix of Reyn's live performance rather than the original SID's, it is still an excellent remix.
Review by LaLa


Artistic skill

Nostalgia factor

Overall rating

8 years on and it still sends chills down my spine. The opening with the birds chirping is a great counterpoint for all the synth pads, the drums appearing 2+ minutes into the tune are a subtle driving force, and the undertones present throughout the arrangement are just superb. As brilliant as Reyn's remix is - which is the one that provided the inspiration for this remix - sometimes I actually prefer to listen to this tune over Reyn's version. It feels more polished, more velvety, more comforting. And it never fails to make me wonder.