Beyond (Cover)

Track info
Arranged by:
Darkman007 Veteran
Composed by:
Thomas Mogensen
All-Time charts position:
Damned right! Darkman007, you made my day!!! Everything's right.
I love it but this is not done by Kjell Nordbø originally but by me ;)
Just waiting for vocals by Joey Tempest. Great tune, though I could hear from the very first note that this was not Kjell, but Thomas :)
One of my favorite Drax-tunes, and it's done very well here. Darkman, you can add some info about the tune above where it says "Reviews". Awesome, but as said - this was Drax.
Magic didn't work on me ;). I prefer dafunk version but good work anyway
Impressively professional recording, but not my cup of tea! A bit boring!
This is why I love guitars.. Outstanding tune.. Keep doing this!!
Lovely laid back version of this tune. Fantastic!
Love it.
Just brilliant. Love the original SID and this is a great slow rock adaptation for guitars.
Upload stated MUSICIANS/B/Blues_Muz/Nordboe_Kjell/Beyond. Sid as the source SID and RKO automatically pulls the composer info from the HVSC database. Changed to MUSICIANS/D/DRAX/Beyond. Sid since LMan pointed me at this.:)
It's a very nice rendition of a very nice original SID. Kudos!
Yeah this is great
Fantastic! Great intro, crisp and sharp mix, top-notch arrangement!
Excellent work!
I'm so loving this! Great remix!
Very good, near to perfection
Great remix, sweet guitars! |m|

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