DJ Czyszy - Lightforce (GS-Force Zero)

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Another classic tune. This time I experimented a little more  with Quadrasid. I also included the riffs from Giana Sisters as an added bonus.

This has got some good ideas to make a rocking Lightforce. It centers around the 'main meat' of the orignal and does a pretty good job. Maybe a little better mastering to bring out the sounds a bit more and I'd have upped the vote a bit.
I really want to like this more. Great idea, but execution wise less so. It all sounds a bit flat to me. The bits that could have lifted it (guitar solo for instance) is too obscured in the rest, and the abrupt ending. What's that about?
Nice up-tempo remix with well-chosen sounds! I agree with Boz about the mastering, and with Slaygon about the ending being too abrupt! But still; a nice quick n short track!
Other than the mastering very good Id like to hear more of the guitar more bite etc overall enjoyable
Like this one although as said a bit too short. Funny that Giana Sisters title part from 1:14!
This definitely gets my feet stomping, great arrangement (with a touch of Giana Sisters), good instrumentation, but the mixing is a bit muddy. And it's just too damn short.
I do like this - it proves the point now speeded up it is a Jarre piece hubbard ripped off - I dont understand the gt ganna sister bit but its a great start - worthy of v good - just step up a bit pls
Like it, pity about the muddiness of it tho and the ending.
Wow, I like the original, but this one gives the music so much power!!!
Very good, what Martijn said
So sad this sounds sooooo damn _thin_ all in all...
Some "Giana Sisters" hidden @ 1:14 min!;)

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