DJ Mitch - Armageddon Man (Paralyzed Movie Trance Mix)

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Armageddon Man (Paralyzed Movie Trance Mix)
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DJ Mitch Remixer
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ARMAGEDDON MAN (Paralyzed movie trance mix)

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Great arrangement! Pretty good use of the Armageddon dialog. But is it just me or is the mixing a bit on the sharp end? At higher volumes I'm sure this would damage my ears badly!
As nice as the arrangement is along with the vocal samples, emotionally it leaves me a little cold and doesn't give me the same tingle as the original. Nice effort though.
Great work as always - a fav tune of mine - yes its loud - but its damn good!
Except for those loud high-freq sounds, it's a job well done! Dj Mitch, you should seriously consider adding a picture of babe-watch Mitch on your covers :-)
Damn, really nice trance version of armageddon man, works really good for me. Only that, it could use a liiiiittle bit more surprises... :P
The Tiesto syndrome he he! ... Nothing special just "me too" trance in my ears, but very well composed. And yes Makke, my ears feel kind of weary after this one :oS
I'm sure it'd work great in a club setting, but by itself I find it boring and too loud.
Sweet, one for the car!
Awesome shit! Feels like hellfire. DJ Mitch's very best track so far! Outstanding drumwork at 4:50!
Very nicely constructed trance remix here. The other 2 edits are also good..
Very nice Lets dance!!
Suffers from Nosferatu's sample syndrome: "ooh! We have samples! Let's use them to death! " which, after hearing this song 3 times, I'd... Just rather not hear it again due to the samples. Non-Sample version please!
The samples spoil an otherwise good track.
A global killer indeed ^^
A bit loud.... Slight over-use of samples.... But otherwise top version of a SID I've only recently discovered.

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