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Hi there! :O)

My name is Jess Donovan Skov-Nielsen, 36 years old male, and I'm from Denmark.

My life as a musician started in the mid 80s. I made a few SID tunes on the C64, though none ever was made public, and sadly, I do not have any of that stuff anymore.

I started composing for real on the AMIGA computer after having founded the demo-group KEFRENS with a friend in the beginning of the 90s.

When the AMIGA died I went on to the PC working mainly on SB AWE32. The use of the AWE32 stopped abruptly in 1997 when I won Creative's Open MIDI contest on the internet, winning an E-MU E4K sampler keyboard.

I'm now composing with a variety of different hardware synths, having become a helpless victim of gear-lust ;O)

Picture and stuff will be up later ... see ya!


  ▼ ReleasedTitleActPlatformOriginal composerRating
23/11/2012Ghost'n Goblins
(Cadaver March Remix)
Razmoc64 SID remixes Remix.Kwed.Org
Mark Cooksey 88%
06/03/2012MutantsRazmoc64 SID remixes Remix.Kwed.Org
Fred Gray 82%
14/09/2010WizardryRazmoc64 SID remixes Remix.Kwed.Org
Graham Jarvis and Rob Hartshorne 65%
(Late Halloween Remix)
Razmoc64 SID remixes Remix.Kwed.Org
Dave Thomas 92%
(Overclocked Droid Remix)
Razmoc64 SID remixes Remix.Kwed.Org
Antony Crowther 75%
21/02/2004Terra Cresta RemixRazmoc64 SID remixes Remix.Kwed.Org
Martin Galway 89%
02/12/2003Action Biker
(Biker-Jens Remix)
Razmoc64 SID remixes Remix.Kwed.Org
Rob Hubbard 69%
20/11/2003Demons FirstRazmoc64 SID remixes Remix.Kwed.Org
Neil Baldwin (Demon) 74%
31/01/2002TiikerihaiRazmoc64 SID remixes Remix.Kwed.Org
Juha-Matti Hilpinen (AMJ) 79%