DMC - Dominando (BITLive 2019 Remix)

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Dominando is kind of a mashup between the Commando subtune #2 (also well known as the highscore tune) and Dominator main theme from Matt Gray. I did this remix exclusively for BIT-Live 2019 remix competition. Competiton rules stated that it has to be either a remix of a tune by Rob Hubbard or Matt Gray, or be a remix that includes identifiable parts from at least 2 tunes composed by either Rob Hubbard or Matt Gray. So I decided to mix up the two tunes that means most to me from each composer. Because they are different in tempo I decided the tempo of the remix to be 135 BPM so it has some kind of danceability. Hey it was supposed to be played at a party, wasn't it?! 😊

It took me roughly about 38 work hours from start to finish (including mixing and mastering).

Because Dominando was my very first remix project in FL-Studio, my sincere thanks go to Christian Zwang a.k.a. CZ-Tunes. You helped me immensely with your knowledge about FL-Studio when I was lost and gave a superb introduction to the program.


Finally I'd like to thank each and every person who voted for this track at BitLive-2019!!!

This one was quiet fun to make because I had a great time creating it and my wife was heavily involved in the QA process. 😊

I really enjoyed this one! The lead transposing was a little meh, but everything else sounded nice!!
Great mashup in a sparkly, highly danceable style.
A good work!

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