Dr Future - Papillons (Rickim Edit)

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You guess it: How would this track sound if it has been recorded by Kim and Ricky Wilde? My answer is: Like this!

Great little tune with a huge nod in the direction of Kim Wilde. We love the 80s!
Very 80s, this one. Plenty of good bass groove, and lots of nods to Kim Wilde as well as Boz mentioned. Rather nice all round and well worth a listen.
Nice but this tune is originally done by Markus Müller back in 1987 and is called: "Coco_intro. Sid"
Its nice and clean with good quality sounds, seems like a vocal is missing though
Ooh, an 80s remix! All the signature sounds are there, arranged very tastefully. And thanks for being the first to provide a remix of this great tune!
This is not a bad remix at all, but I lack the power from the original. I've been wainting for a remix of this favorite to come along, so ++ for that.
Nice tune - not familiar with original tho reminds me of Rambo 3
Not a SID I was familiar with, but a very good tune in its own right.
I love the sonic quality. This is an interesting and pioneering take on that fine little tune. Good stuff.
Yeeehaaaa! :) Great one! Know this as
I actually give this one a top score - It's just very well made.
I love this one
Nice one! But in my opinion the 'original' is far more _catchy_ overall!! Maybe another trial here (anyone)??;-)
Back to the 80's :-), like the sound
Perfect 80ies!
Any similarities with female 80s Pop icons are purely coincidential, I assume!?;-)

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