Emir Diril (Drey) - Test Drive II The Duel (Rock cover)

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Nice Rock take on Test Drive II. It's a little bit quiet in the mix but lots of overdriven guitar makes up for it.
Solid rock take on Test Drive II. Could really do with a louder fatter mix, though. Still, very enjoyable.
Great Stuff! But should be a bit longer.
This is brilliant but its way too short (it ends like its a preview of the whole song, maybe it is? ) and it needs to be remastered as its too quiet (even a simple normalize would help a lot.)
Very good, but it could really use another take on the mastering. It's simply too low on volume!
Cool! But boys above are right. It is worth remastering and finishing the proper way. It cries for some nice outro.
Yeah, definitely a bit quiet, but very nice.
I like this rock-remix. The only thing is that the end is fading out, but great mix!!!
I agree completely with the others - needs to be a louder mix, and the fadeout really kills the atmosphere. Without these issues it would probably be an "outstanding" for me.
Way too low on volume, but high in creativity and playing technique. Arrangement is too short. Lots to like here, but it needs to be mastered better.
Cool remix.
So _why_ is it just sooooooooooooooooooooooo quite now?? :-) Had to use mp3gain on this one to hear at least anything at all almost! ;-) But now it sounds quite well so far!

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