foam - Spy vs Spy (Spy on Your Mind mix)

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foam Remixer
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I love this remix although I am not sure if the vocals are commercial or not. Also it only touches on the original SID melody but still a great remix!
Very innovative mix and some nice vocals but on the whole it seems like a lot of stuff just shoved together
Nice tune but completely and utterly fails to be defined as a remix in my eyes just because of small similarities and the use of the original SID. Also there was a part that almost blew my ears off and the whole tune sounds like nice parts glued together.
Great groove, professional mixing, but it's just a mish-mash of samples put together. Also - where's Spy vs Spy in this mess?
Not Spy Vs. Spy also sounds thrown together in places.
This sound like sound loops pieced together from very various sources without any mastering or effort...
As the other comments state, this isn't a remix of Spy vs Spy. The only SvS relevance is a section that just seems thrown in for the tunes titles' sake. And why 20s of silence at the end?
I love this! I don't understand why many people think it sounds thrown together. To me it sounds like a lot of work went it making everything work so well together. Top stuff! :D
I like it. So everyone knows, the vocals are from Information Society's song Tell Me What's On Your Mind. I like the samples you chose and how you used them. I'm sure he is well within the fair use clause and it would be very ironic if INSOC sued him.
Cool mix, but dont sounds like Spy vs Spy :)
Nice idea! But not too well done in the whole!
Started so funky, went on so disappointing. No spies here.
This could be sooo much more. Some parts doesn't fit at all. And after a while it feels like a soup of samples.
Better mastering needed, some parts hurt my ears!

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