Gammasutra - Target Renegade (Big in Italy)

Track info
Arranged by:
Gammasutra Veteran
Original SID:
Original composed by:
Gary Biasillo
All-Time charts position:
I can see what he's trying to do here (Big in Japan meets Target Renegade). Doesn't float my boat but nice enough.
Deffo a big in japan inspired mix - almost pulls it off but not quite.. Good try mind you.
Tempted to upgrade the vote here, just sounds too flat/weak in a few places, good idea and good effort tho
Very nice 80s sound. Needs a pollish to get a higher rank though.
Sounds more oriental than Italian. However, it's mixed okay, but two major downers: the lead goes a bit too "ahhhh" in places, either that or it's just too weak. Good effort all round though.
Nice mixing. Else a bit on the dull side
Ok, a bit flat
Perfect feeling for this track. I don´t like that some sounds are completely dry. But hey, Very Good!!!
Sounds too 'midi' in several parts! (the organ etc. ) The idea might be nice though! But too well worked on it in my case...
Gammasutra manages to capture the new wave style, it just needs more polishing and more details.
Good song choice! But that's all. Timing issues! Boring! Mixing issues!
Yes, there are many issues - but I like the way this remix is executed, despite all them flaws.

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