Future Knight (Main Theme)

Track info
Arranged by:
Grospixels Veteran
Composed by:
Ben Daglish
All-Time charts position:

The motivation to do this track was obviously the will to pay tribute to a recently departed musician. But the choice of this particular theme was mainly motivated by the low number of existing covers.


This is a slow composition, kind of reminiscent of some Metallica instrumentals in the eighties : low tempo and melodies stacking up to achieve harmonies that don't limit to the usual tricks. The first part of the song is perfectly accessible but the second part has some weirdness to it with intricate bass/lead melody interplay and a Sci-Fi atmosphere that any remix or cover must try and emulate to be sufficiently evocative.


This is a great song and it was a joy to study it. It's also a stunning fact that Ben Daglish was only 20 when he created this. It's up to Rob Hubbard's standard.


The game Future Knight is a great memory of the 8-bits era and its music has a lot to do with it, specially the sid version.


Guitar & arrangement : Laurent Roucairol.

Drums done with Toontracks EZ Drummer.

Recorded and mixed under FL
Studio (november 2018).

Great synths!
Doesn't matter how it was made, it's one helluva prog-rock epic!

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