Ic3m4n - Flimbo the 5th

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Arranged by:
Ic3m4n Remixer
Original SID:
Original composed by:
Reyn Ouwehand & J. Bjerregaard
All-Time charts position:

And again it´s a tune from Flimbos Quest...

Maybe someone remember my "cry for help" in the remix64-forum!? The only
one who was willing to help also improved that song very much i think !

DJ Skitz made those strings sounding a lot better and worked on the
arpeggio as well. And not forget to mention: he added a very important
detail: that little pling-sound (tinkle) wich you will hear the first
time @ 0:35 ! Thanx mate !

Anyway...have fun listening !
Flimbo the 5th
Nice remix. Masks the inherent repetition of this tune ok, the mixing is good and the instruments fit the mood. Even the pitch-slides don't annoy me. Using a fade-out is a very minor complaint here. Good job!
The intro is annoying. Also, I don't like some of the instruments. Ok I guess.
Well done, Ic3m4n...
I love the intro. Uhm, what's up with the beat? I hate that 'kick', it ruins everything for me with this tune. The rest is wonderful, with a proper beat this could be a red.
I agree with kjetiln, this could be much better with different drums.
Decent remix. It has some flaws, but it goes through fine for the most part.
Pretty damn nice, Dancey and light. Best effort so far!
It could use better/different instruments, the arrangement is pretty good. Drop the pitch-slides.
Good climate and good work,
WOW! I love it. Missed Flimbo's Quest so much and this really brings new life to it. Dude, you rock and your remixing skills are insanely good!

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