Ic3m4n - Golden Axe (Tr4nc3 R3mix)

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Golden Axe (Tr4nc3 R3mix)
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Ic3m4n Remixer
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How fast are you guys ?! Just recieved mail, that this track was released, and already found two comments on this one (and also on the other 4 new entries) O.O  *thumbs-up*  Thanks for giving so much back to the artists...comments & crits are much worther for me than smilies😉  Though the ones that are more redish, giving a nice feeling :p

BTT: It was very hard to reach the end of that game ( at least for me😉 ) ...but as a special reward, you were allowed to listen to this sweet piece of music. Jeroen Tel was the creator, and once again he did a great job!

Dan shouts: Did someone get some new software for Christmas? This tune is bliss

Nope, still using FL (if that question was meant serious). No crits this time? Thank you for liking this remix.😉

germantaz shouts: Dont know why but remembers me of JM Jarres Band in the Rain. It has a nice flow.

Always loved the works from the early days by J.M.Jarre, so i will take that as an compliment :p

Thanks again for all the feedback in the past month !
Did someone get some new software for Christmas? This tune is bliss
Dont know why but remembers me of JM Jarres "Band in the Rain". It has a nice flow.
Simple but very relaxing. Nice tune...
Nice tight remix with mellow touch! (something that sounds a bit annoying is the string note at 3:04? ) However, cz-tunes version from 2002 is still my fav.
Its very plod plod, the sounds are nice though, it just sort of goes along like background music though.. But if this is the way forward for icey (sound wise) then I have high hopes for some good stuff from him/her
Nicely done, simple and fun, but I feel the lead instrument is weak compared to the rest, esp. The one starting at 0:58. The one from 2:28 sounds much better.
It is good, no it is very good, amazing what so simple but with very powerful climate tune can do when listened many times. Great Job. Very pleasant one
Nice laid back track. The mentioned lead sound is a little strange but I can absolutely live with that :)
Totally zen!

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