ifadeo - R1D1 (Rheingold Mix)

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Arranged by:
ifadeo Veteran
Original SID:
Original composed by:
Antony Crowther
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This is a completely new remix of 'R1D1' from the Scratch...

  • it's pure electronic stuff with lots of feedbacks, bleeps and more...

  • it fits perfect to other tracks I've remixed like 'Slaine' or 'Loops'...

  • it's the 12th remix release from ifadeo this year, 1,5 remixes p/m...

  • People who didn't like my Delta work should better do NOT d/l this tune...

Have fun...
Typical ifadeo style. Synth instruments sometimes sound too much like presets (eg. Bass)
Timing issues at 1:40! Aside from that, not bad!
Smooth instruments, smooth mixing, but the main melody gets lost with that spacey pad. And that melody is what makes this tune.
In fact, better than minimal version. Ould love to hear you rearrange this one more time :)
Review by immacolata


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The author states: People who didn't like my Delta work should better do NOT d/l this tune...

Well I beg to differ. ifadeo has managed to made this tune sound very like something wrung out of an analog syntehsizer of the 70s or 80s - very good and easy going. It's a fitting tune in the vein of Loops, Storm and Hunter's Moon. It is following the melody of the original SID but ifadeo has added lots of extra, quirky little instruments and passages that I like. It makes for a rich and saturated song without getting too much. I didnt particuarly like ifadeo's Delta remix, but this one just REEKS of genuine ifadeo quality. Much better than his first R1D1-remix - I recommend this song highly.