ifadeo - Sigh of The Eye (Analog Dust)

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Arranged by:
ifadeo Veteran
Original SID:
Original composed by:
Jonathan Dunn
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This tune was used twice by J.Dunn, as Demotune and as Platoon Hi-score tune...
As everytime I try to catch the orginal spirit of tune and lift it to another stage...

...but judge for yourself...

btw. feedback & reviews are welcome

cheers ifadeo
Very much lullaby-ish. Sounds too cheesy for my taste. Ifadeo has done better.
The trebles are way too high. Aside from that... Nice one!
Review by infamous


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Nostalgia factor

Overall rating

I got a bit confused when i listened to this, the tune said sigh of the eye but my ear said platoon you buffoon!

so delving into mr dunn (ooer) i realise he obviously liked this tune so much he put it into platoon (or lifted it out and did a better sounding version) either way ifadeo has done something rather beautiful with it.
Its a very easy going sound that he has created, I can hear the usual trademark synths being used too good effect as ifadeo does, the tune was pleasent and very beautiful in the 1st place and this is pure lounge business.

The only gripe i really have is with the hi-hats in the background of the beat they sound a little too dirty but thats just a minor thing when the rest of the tune is as good as it is.
Not an essential download, you dont need this to have the definitive c64 collection but if you like good music and love easy going melodies then this would be for you.

As i said before a sociably acceptable remix that pleases my ear personally and i recommend downloading it, and for those that have never heard of the tune heed the words above it is platoon sid2 aswell as sigh of the eye so if u like that essential if you dont then trying things new never hurt anybody....except novice sword swallowers of course.