Infamous - Creatures

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Nice take on the in-game tune of Creatures here. Plenty of beats and a well constructed atmosphere make this quite a grower. The bass is a bit too much upfront, but that could be sorted with tweaking. On the whole, good stuff.
Are the Dust Brothers in town? ;) Not exceptional as a tune, but taken for what it is, I think it's a quite solid remix!
Infamous is getting pretty good at constructing breakbeats although the dynamics of the tune itself could have been better..
Def not Infys greatest piece but feel the beats!
Good piece but hasn't got that Creatures feeling. Needs more edge.
WOW!! Interesting interpretation :). A bit short I guess but great efford.
Really nice beat, I personally would have used different sort of sound for the lead, but it's not bad this way either. It's too short though, but nice effort. Keep up m8!
Something groovy, something minimal. Me liked.
So close to very good, still, I do not like the sound of bassline, and that distorted synth (1:36) is not for me. + for idea, - for being short.
Thx infy, for that outstanding minmal stuff!!!!
Groovy agreed, but something just seems off. Maybe it's just the song that doesn't appeal to me.
Like the style! Goes forward and feels groovy in certain aspects. Nice beat and bass and inbetweeners...
The attempt to mix different styles does not work (for me), also unbalanced instruments.
Mmmmm, might grow on me!
Strange mixture of different styles. Don't like it.:-(

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